Fans initiate petition for Keanu Reeves to be named Person of the Year

Keanu Reeves lives a moment of great popularity, so much so that he was named by his fans as the boyfriend of the Internet. But this unofficial title is not enough for his followers, who are now asking the magazine Time name the actor Person of the Year.

This recognition is given annually in a magazine supplement that highlights the life and work of a person, couple, group or idea that, for better or worse, have had great influence on the events of that year. And the favorite of the public for 2019 is the actor of Lebanese origin.

Actor Keanu Reeves on the red carpet of Toy Story 4; fans ask to be named "Person of the Year" by Time magazine circulate two requests, one in English and one in Spanish, to recognize the famous 54 years with this award because, according to what is read in the description, has shown to be a person who influences positively to all the world. His humility, simplicity, character and human quality make him a more than ideal person to be named character of the year.

Since its creation in 1927, people like Mahatma Gandhi, who claimed the independence of India, have been credited with this recognition; The fighters against Ebola, for risking their lives to stop the spread of the virus; Angela Merkel, for opening borders to refugees; and women like Ashley Judd, Taylor Swift, Isabel Pascual, Susan Fowler and Adama Iwu, for breaking the silence about sexual harassment.

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