Famous Olympic swimmer could be the new conquest of Zac Efron


The last we heard from Zac Efron is that he underwent surgery due to a torn ligament in one knee. For now it is in recovery and its social networks it is normal for the actor to publish the evolution of his speech.

However, various media outlets claim that the protagonist of High School Musical maintains a romantic relationship with a professional swimmer.

After rumors that probably Selena Gomez and Efron could be boyfriends, a new theory suggests that the actor is actually dating Olympic swimmer Sarah Bro, as they have recently seen them together on several occasions. Even both attended a game of hockey from Los Angeles Kings.

Nearby sources claim that they saw them arriving at the event together, where they took some photos separately (it is believed that they did not raise suspicions), and uploaded them to their respective Instagram accounts. Sarah wrote Thank you @lakings for making my first game of hockey something very special, accompanied by a emoji from the heart

When the game came to an end, Sarah and Efron were together a couple of minutes more and she waited patiently for the actor to finish attending the fans who approached her, later they left together. Neither of them has made statements about this supposed romance.

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