Family pays $ 52,000 to a nanny who dresses up as a Disney princess every day!


Not everyone can develop a special connection with children, and that is that dealing with them is not simple: they need certain care, they are explained the situations so that they can understand them in their small world; you have to invent games and even fantastic stories. Maybe these are some reasons why being a nanny is not easy. However, if you have these qualities or know a person like that, then this news may interest you.

A family from the United Kingdom is looking for a nanny, but not a common one, but one who has a specific and unusual hobby: to be a lover of Disney princesses.

You would become a full-time princess

The site made the publication of the vacancy that has attracted attention around the world by the particularity and specifications that are requested for the position. Applicants should have a fondness for Disney princesses and be willing to dress like them every day to care for and entertain five-year-old twins.

The salary is the most attractive part of the job

The princess nanny can earn a salary of $ 53,000 for part-time work, and will be given days off and sick. The job is to pick up the girls from school, organize their activities that, incidentally, are related to Disney, in addition to preparing cookies, singing, cooking dinner and sometimes tell them stories so they can sleep.

Do not worry about the peculiar work uniform: the parents will cover the cost of all the costumes.

It is not a simple task, the princesses must teach values ​​to girls

Parents expect the babysitter to teach their daughters about the value women have, female roles, compassion, arts, charisma and to be bold. The publication states its point of view:

We know that it is not a normal request for babysitters. However, we believe it would be an excellent way to teach our daughters to follow in the footsteps of princesses like Anna, Bella and Cinderella.

Would you accept this ideal job?

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