Family celebrates the 15 years of her kitten with an epic party; Internet is touched


Pets are not only companions, they are faithful beings that gradually take over the bed and our hearts, many of them are considered as a member of the family and receive as much love and attention as any of the children or nephews .

Meet Luna, a kitten who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, and her family loves her more than anything else in the world, so much so as to make her a birthday party where they spared no expense and details, even the minina She wore a pink dress.

Luna just turned 15 years old, and her family decided to celebrate

A quinceañera is a Latin tradition that celebrates the transition from childhood to the maturity of a girl, now it was Luna's turn.

They organized a surprise quinceanera with exclusive guests

My mother planned the party a week in advance. We send invitations to family and close friends.

They decorated the place with different balloons, and a cute strawberry cake

When the big day arrived, Luna's house filled with balloons and streamers.

Everyone attended and we were very excited.

Luna was so excited that she could not wait to make a wish

Twelve people arrived at the party, lasted about three hours. Luna behaved excellently.

As if that were not enough, she was crowned queen of the house

My mother found the perfect dress in Amazon and the crown in Walmart in the ornaments section. Luna looked fabulous.

Besides, his outfit It was worthy to carry this accessory

We wanted to celebrate his long years of life in an epic and unforgettable way.

Luna had the best birthday of her life

At the end of his celebration, Luna went to rest a little. As for his 16th birthday, there are strong rumors that it will be a pool party with tuna canapés and music that will make you meow with emotion.

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