Facebook celebrates Gay Pride Month; adds a new reaction in support of the LGBTTTI community


There are six emoji that have become part of our Facebook posts: I like it, I love it, it amuses me, it surprises me, it makes me sad and even annoys me.

But now this network decided to join other international companies and added a proud reaction. This new idea is related to gay pride and will be available throughout June, a month in which people from the LGBTTTI community traditionally celebrate diversity.

The rainbow flag has reached Facebook

Facebook said in a post:

We believe in building a platform that supports all communities, so we are celebrating the love and diversity of this Pride by giving it a special reaction.

The new emoji It has an additional meaning, since in March of this year Gilbert Barker died, the man who created the rainbow flag in 1978.

Apparently, everyone is accepting it

The initial reaction of people on Facebook has been positive.

To activate it you have to follow these steps:

  1. Join Facebook
  2. Go ahead like to the page @LGBTQ
  3. From that moment you will be able to use the reaction with the rainbow flag whenever you want.

They even think it's a big movement

Ryan Fanthorpe, community manager Heaven in Liverpool, during an interview for the site LADbible, He said the movement is a great event for Facebook.

More than 1.28 billion people use Facebook, so it's amazing and exciting that a company like this makes the decision to celebrate gay pride. Facebook is a communication tool, so you should be able to help express yourself with your friends and followers.

Facebook is going in the right direction

Ryan also added that the social network is going in the right direction, since he put the thank-you flower for Mother's Day. And I add:

Having the pride flag makes them important, not only for the LGBTTTI community, but also for the rest of the people.

As for the enemies

There will be people who say that this is too much, but it is harmless. There are more people who are accepting our community. We do not encourage hatred, and with so many young people using Facebook it is crucial to make sure we send a positive message.

Ryan concluded that it would be good to continue adding reactions depending on the type of celebration that takes place.

Facebook at San Francisco Pride 2013 (January 2021)