Extracted lashes are the latest trend and we do not know whether to love them or hate them


Instagram makeup and beauty trends range from the divine and well done, to the strange and, perhaps, no person would use in their day to day. But they never stop! And just when we thought there would be nothing else, a new weird trend appears that goes viral. In a new episode of improbable make-up we present: the extratracted eyelashes.

A couple of days ago images of people with extensions of extremely curly lashes began to appear and many have shown displeasure, but the real question is: would you dare?

A shocking trend or not?

Although the majority of Instagram users imitate almost any makeup style and trend that is emerging, this time was different because there are not many followers of these tabs. Even so, the images that its creator, Sofie Petersen, shared became viral.

It is not the first time that Petersen plays with his eyelashes

The makeup artist is known for her technique that includes applying her eyelashes with different appearances and adding objects such as plants and even mirrors.

His eyelashes had not triumphed so much

I had already tried a less curly version, but did not get the expected range; a few laughed at the situation.

Nobody is following this fashion

Fortunately, no user of Instagram or other social networks is following this trend, so Petersen can continue to make original makeup without fear of someone making a copy, and people can be calm because everything indicates that it is not time to use the extratracted eyelashes.