Explosion in Ariana Grande concert in Manchester left at least 22 dead and 59 wounded


Nobody expects that when attending the concert of his favorite artist there is a tragedy, unfortunately this happened in the concert that Ariana Grande performed in the Manchester Arena, from the city of Manchester, England, yesterday, where many of the attendees were young and children.

Around 10:35 at night, while the concert was ending, there was an explosion inside the venue, which has capacity for 21 thousand people. The police reports are discouraging, reporting the death of 22 people and 50 injured, including 12 children under 16 years.

A cowardly aggression

The police believe it was a terrorist attack, some sources claim that ISIS (the radical Islamic group) has claimed responsibility and that only one person detonated the bomb.

Official statement

In an official statement that the British police released through his account Twitter, it read:

Last statement about the incident occurred in the Manchester Arena
More details are known about what happened in the Manchester Arena. Just before 10:35 on the night of Monday, May 22, 2017, the police received a call reporting an explosion inside the Arena. So far, 19 people have been confirmed dead, and around 50 people injured. This incident will be treated as a terrorist attack, until the police define otherwise. For updated information on this incident, please follow us Twitter @gmpolice

Ariana is out of danger

It has been confirmed that the 23-year-old singer, Ariana Grande, is well, although her heart is broken. Ariana is fine, said her publicist, Joseph Carozza. We are investigating more thoroughly what happened.

Some of those present said that they heard some sounds that looked like explosions at the end of the Show. One of the assistants named Sasina Akhtar told a local newspaper what happened: We saw young girls bloody, everyone was screaming and people were running.

The statements continue to emerge

Among the videos published in Twitter You could see the frightened attendants, running to try to leave the place, some shouting from their seats. Hannah Dane, related her experience:

A very strong explosion inside, shook us, everyone started screaming and tried to leave.

Karen Ford, another of the witnesses who witnessed the attack said:

Everyone was leaving their seats and walking towards the stairs, when suddenly there was a huge noise, it sounded like an explosion, then it went out Everybody tried to push people down the stairs, someone tried to push a woman in a chair wheels, while the children shouted.

Witnesses tell the details

He also added that there was no smoke, just an explosion:

It was very very strong, there were shoes on the floor, left by the people who ran out.

Outside, parents waiting for their children who had attended the concert, waited in panic, while checking phones, people tried to locate.

An unfortunate fact

Among the deceased are Georgina Callander, 18, who was a great fan of Ariana Grande and had had the opportunity to attend another of her concerts in 2015, she was a student of Runshaw College of the nursing career. Her friends described her as a beautiful young student, very popular with her classmates and outstanding in class. She was too excited about the concert.

A real tragedy

Another unfortunate loss is the one of Saffie Rose Roussos, of only 8 years of age, who was in the concert accompanied by his mother Lisa and his older sister Ashlee, who were wounded. The director of his school, says that Saffie was simply a beautiful girl in all aspects:

She was warm and friendly and will be remembered with a lot of love. Saffie was quiet and modest and very creative.

Some videos have been shared

The singer can not with pain

The reactions of the celebrities did not wait and they showed solidarity and consternation for what happened, through Facebook Y Twitter, they sent their condolences to all the relatives of the victims and their prayers for all the attendees, including a strong message of solidarity for Ariana.

They ask for the victims

A moment of union

No one can believe what happened

False rumors

The sad thing about the situation is that there are people who began to circulate false news, taking advantage of such a vulnerable situation. As a false report given by the Daily Express and the Daily Star, about an armed man, who supposedly was outside the hospital Oldham, just moments after the attack. Hours later they denied the false news.

Or the case of a woman who shared a photograph of a child, asking for help in finding him, but in reality she was a model posing for a 2014 article about a clothing line for people with Down syndrome.

He made sure that Ariana was hurt

Also circulated in social networks some images where it was claimed that Ariana had been injured, however, was denied, and it was confirmed that the photograph had been taken on the set of the television series Scream Queens. Many of these false tweets They have been eliminated. There was also a rumor that the singer would give up her career after what happened.

They requested the help of the assistants

The Manchester police has requested via Twitter To all those attending the concert, if they have videos of what happened, send them to your page, while the investigations continue.

Ariana was on an international tour called Dangerous Woman Tour, which has been suspended indefinitely, while the singer recovered from such a severe blow.

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