Exercising makes you happier than money: study


Feeling the adrenaline, the blood pumping through the veins, the heart beating and the muscles contracting, are the effects of a good day of training, and if sometimes it is too tired to do it, there is no doubt that staying active is the best way to be Well both physically and mentally.

Well, it turns out that actually brings more benefits than we thought and science now corroborated. A study published by The Lancet, conducted by researchers at Yale and Oxford universities (who asked more than 1.2 million participants), he said that exercising regularly will make you happier than having money. And we all believed that happiness was in green bills.

The secret of happiness is to exercise

The experts found that those who do physical activity regularly tend to feel bad 35 days a year, while non-active people feel bad for 18 days, that is, 53 days!, Full of mental grief until depression. Nobody wants to live like this.

The scientists also asked them to answer questions about their income and how often they exercised. They came to the conclusion that people who do not exercise, but earn on average $ 25,000 a year, are just as happy as those who do physical activities daily. As we know that it is a little difficult to have that sum of money, we recommend encouraging you to exercise, especially to enjoy it.

And as if that were not enough, the study also showed that certain sports that involve socializing, such as those performed as a team, can have a more positive effect on their mental health. There are no pretexts, girls.

But do not abuse

Exercising is very good, but how much is enough?

The expert Adam Chekroud, from Yale University, in an interview with Die Welt commented that the relationship between the duration of the sport and the mental load has the form of OR, that is, there must be a balance because you will only have mental well-being when the physical activity is within the standards, so nothing in excess!

In addition, the study revealed that having three to five training sessions per week, lasting 30 to 60 minutes, is ideal. So decide what time you prefer and if you have time to exercise. We know that the first days will be quite difficult, but you will see how you will improve your mental health.

Exercise Makes You Happier Than Money, according to Yale and Oxford Research Study (April 2021)