Everything indicates that Lindsay Lohan is preparing a new album and we want to hear it!


Lindsay Lohan has not had the best luck in recent years, has had to deal with addictions, abandoned her career as an actress, there have been love problems and more. However, it is time to highlight the good things that you have done lately, especially as an entrepreneur in Mykonos, Greece, and in the reality show for MTV in which she shows her facet as head of the Lohan Beach Club.

You have to remember that, like other Disney actresses, Lindsay also had his facet as a singer, which certainly did not last long, but now he returns to try his luck once more in music. With a photo on his Instagram account, which can be seen in a recording studio, Lohan confirmed that he is working hard because he will soon launch a new single.

He has not given more information about his new project nor has he said who he is working with, he has only shared a couple of photos in which he can see how concentrated and happy he is in front of the microphone.

And that's not all: at the beginning of the year the actress also celebrated her return to the cinema at the hand of the thriller supernatural Among The Shadows, a film that recounts the life of a private detective who will have to solve the mystery that surrounds the death of her uncle.

After a decade of absence, Lohan returns with more strength and with the aim of conquering the new generations.

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