Every year he sends a birthday gift to his ex-wife's dog; Internet melts of tenderness


When a relationship ends, the sad separation of goods begins; Sometimes people argue about the house or the car. But there are others who have something more special so they would be willing to fight. Sometimes those who suffer most are the beings who are in the middle of the dispute and do not understand why things have to end that way.

It is the case of Apollo, a puppy that was adopted by a couple when they were barely a month old.

A very loved and spoiled dog

Rebecca Hernandez and Frankie met since they were teenagers and one day they began a relationship that grew stronger with the passage of time. After she finished college and Frankie joined the Navy, they both made the decision to take their relationship one step further.

They moved together to Texas and took home to Apollo, who quickly became Frankie's best friend. In 2012 they got married and their life changed completely, however, they began to have bad times and soon they had to make the decision to separate. In 2015, Apollo he moved with Rebecca and had to leave Frankie behind.

Frankie carries it in his heart

Despite having been separated for more than two years and the couple has not yet signed the divorce record, Frankie does not forget her inseparable companion and every year, on her birthday, she sends him a congratulatory letter and a gift to show her sweetie.

Apollo He is always doing something he should not do and constantly destroying whatever we bring or buy him, but he is extremely loving and is really spoiled by all of us in his life, says Rebecca.

The beautiful letter has touched many

Excited by the last letter that Apollo received from Frankie, she decided to publish it. He told her that he loved every moment at his side and saw him grow since he was a puppy that fit in the palm of his hand.

And before finishing, Frankie asked him something very special: he continues at his side as you did with me. I miss you friend. I see you when I see you. With love, dad.

People think that they should go back

Rebecca was extremely moved. The emotional letter soon went viral and many began to encourage her to reconsider their separation and try to return.

For his part, Frankie said he had sent the letter mainly because he misses his friend: I genuinely write those letters to wish my dog ​​a happy birthday.

Frankie just tries to say what he feels

But he also does it so that his ex-wife knows that he will always be by his side if he needs it, even when they are no longer together.

I was not going anywhere, I could have remained a proud and bitter or I could forget everything and continue. Be a humble man and leave bitterness and pain aside and not only show Apollo, but also to my wife, that I'll be there for them, Frankie said.

It's a lucky dog

Either way, whether or not they are together, this beautiful little dog is fortunate to have loving adoptive parents who, despite their differences and everything that has happened in their lives, will always be there for him, and so should be in all cases.

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