Even though this little girl lost her entire family in a fire, she only has one wish for Christmas


In general, Christmas is a time of the year that always relates to the family, but for Safyre Terry, that is not possible. Two years ago his father and three younger brothers died in arson. The firefighters found her near her father, who used her body to protect her.

Even after losing her family, the eight-year-old girl, originally from New York, does not lose her innocence and has a desire for this Christmas: to receive Christmas cards from all over the world to decorate her little tree.

She was the only survivor and has burns on 75 percent of her body

He lost the skin of his face, his right hand and his left foot

It has been submitted to more than 65 operations

Despite the surgeries and setbacks he has had to face, Safyre retains the will to live

Like many children her age, Safyre now prepares to celebrate Christmas, and for this she has asked for help through Facebook

The little girl wishes to receive as many Christmas cards as possible to place them on her tree

You still have time to send a card to Safyre!

This is the address:

P.O. Box 6126
Schenectady, NY 12306

Little Girl Asks For One Christmas Wish After Losing Family In Fire (September 2022)