Even the most heart in love gets tired of being hurt


We exist people who fall in love with all the cells of the body, we give our time and feelings, which although we fear the future and doubts about the past, we love with intensity, without looking back and sometimes, without receiving anything in return.

There are others who never overcome the fear of what they will say or what will happen, who receive but do not give, those who behave indifferently, those who enjoy making love to maidens and using them for a while, until they get bored of them and make them strange.

I'm tired of being the weak and delivered woman who cries the hours in her room, in the bathroom, at the bus stop, suffering for you, a man who does not value the daily loving messages, the night calls, the letters, visits, songs or moments we spent together; I got tired of the selfish man who lives in a bubble of vanity and self-sufficiency; I got tired of emptying myself and filling myself with imaginary affection, filling me with pain.

I can not understand how someone can be so blind that they do not value the person in front of them, so selfish that they prefer to waste their time with false friendships and empty activities, instead of sharing with me happy moments, so immature and egomaniac that it feels like a star in a firmament of garbage.

It is also my fault to settle for a couple of sweet words, with a brief hug. I gave you everything waiting for something in return and I only received empty smiles and disappointments. I waited and waited for you to change, for you to fall in love with me, as I was in love with you, that little by little the ice of your person would melt and show me your warm interior, today I realize that I lived in a world of fantasy, because that will never happen.

I loved you with all my being, I tried in one way and a thousand ways to be visible to you, I lost my friendships, I walked away from my family and all for nothing, because you did not value what I am, you only broke my heart again and again, You tricked me with petty attentions and I was so stupid, I settled for that, but everything that starts has to end.

Finally I realized, I opened my eyes and took courage to say no more, I'm leaving and I'm not going back, my soul hurts, I feel my heart cracking as if it were made of glass, the future is uncertain and I must repair everything the damage you did to me, everything that I did to myself loving you, I left aside when I put you on a pedestal and now that I destroy every image that I formed of you, I see what you really are, a statue looking like perfection and hardness , but very hollow inside.

The days go by, I need a lot of willpower to rebuild this wounded heart, I get up from my bed of misery and I decide to be a person again, keep my love for someone who really deserves all the warmth that I can offer, I would have preferred you to be Sincere with me, you said that you would only use me to fill those voids of your person, so I would have flown before entering your cage of deceptions, hoping to be your equal when I was just your toy and now, I let you go.

In spite of everything I can not wish you anything bad, go your way, stop deceiving people and be happy, I will always love you and I will seek to forgive you, sooner or later I will heal, time will heal my wounds and I will stop crying, I will think of you And I'll just remember the good times, because I do not want to hold grudges, it's not worth it.

I will find someone who loves me, who values ​​what I am, who shares my dreams and wants to walk with me, who wants to build a family to travel the world by my side, we will meet in the future and I know you will miss me, because nobody will will give what I gave you, be free, learn, grow, mature and when you realize what you lost it will be too late, I will already be far away, loving myself, being a better person, stronger, more beautiful, more complete, with a heart full of scars and experiences, but above all full of love, until never.

If Someone Broke Your Heart - WATCH THIS | by Jay Shetty (January 2021)