Estoos papás created the best childhood that their children can have


Modern parents have put aside stereotypes and now share with mothers the care of their children. Although paternity is one of the greatest responsibilities that life gives us, it does not have to be boring and stressful.

If you are a smart parent, you will understand that you can have fun with your children and create an incredible childhood full of magical memories. Do not be afraid of the commitment of being a father, create strategies to take care of your children: they will be proud that you can be their best friend and an example to follow.

1. She wanted to be the wolf, so he had to make it possible

2. You can look sexy when teaching your daughter how to surf

3. After a long day of work, you have to meet the most important

4. You will always be his hero

5. Bath time can be fun if dad is in charge

6. The most comfortable place in the world to sleep

7. If you can not take her to the park, it does not matter: I know a homemade swing

8. Karaoke moments, even if it's metal

9. If she wants to join the dark side you must be Darth Vader

10. Lessons are the lessons

Ask my daughters if they still think that some very short shorts are cute

11. Be the ideal model so you can apply makeup

12. And even share the same hairstyle

13. Anything can be ideal to have all the fun

14. Who needs weights when he has three children

15. Recycling fruit

16. That doll house is not going to build alone

17. A pool of balls, of course he can do it

18. Shame is left behind when you are a father

19. Jump from a swing, why not?

20. He has the strength

21. If she is a fan of The walking dead you can be a zombie

22. The best nail polish

23. If your daughter asks you to do it, you do it

24. Some parents are simply exceptional

A friend of my dad has a son in a wheelchair and every year makes for him exceptional Halloween costumes

25. There are parents who do everything possible

for those who will always be your little children

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