English artists are HARD of the anti-vagabond peaks: what they did is SURPRISING

Artists and activists in London have had the ingenious idea of ​​fighting against the horrible peaks (spikes) anti-vagabonds of the city, which are installed on the concrete steps of shops or buildings in central areas in the United Kingdom to prevent the homeless from sleeping in them. A collective of artists from the East London area, called Space not Spikes, decided to intervene a set of spikes to convert them into a sofa bed, which includes a bookcase next to it with reading material.

The peaks are an excellent example of how cities design spaces to keep people homeless at a distance. There are no peaks in all countries, but other cities such as Montreal and Tokyo do not allow people to rest comfortably for too long. In summary, nothing is done to combat the problem of homelessness.

These peaks are as unfriendly as they look

They are just a way of telling homeless people: look elsewhere. We do not want to see you here.

Space, Not Spikes (space, no peaks) regained the space of a former nightclub

They covered the area with a mattress, bedding, pillows and a shelf full of reading material. The group Better than Spikes (better than peaks) designed the bed and mini-library with the intention of reclaiming the streets again. All artists say they are fed up with what they call hostile architecture.

(Free books are included for people to enjoy, and to be left for the next visitor)

They also created a video to complement their work, hoping that their message motivates people to do their best

The world will not always be happy, but positive social change needs constructive conflict and debate. We have to call for justice and hypocrisy when we see it.

It's good that groups like these exist out there, fighting with their hearts and minds. But they need our help, according to the needs of our cities.

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