Emma Watson has an exact double: she is an ordinary mom; Internet does not believe the resemblance


Emma Watson is one of the most beloved actresses of cinema, thanks to her character Hermione Granger in the saga of Harry Potter, He also dedicates his time to social and intellectual causes, being an example for society.

Kari Lewis is an American girl who has just shown that the polyjuice potion of Harry Potter she really exists, making her an Instagram celebrity because of the great similarity she shares with Watson.

No, you are not seeing double

She is Kari Lewis, a girl from Indiana, United States, who spends her time caring for her young daughter, and who has shocked the Internet thanks to her incredible resemblance to Watson.

She did not know who Hermione Granger was

Quiet, do not think Lewis lived under a stone. According to his account to the site Buzzfeed, she did not know anything about the magical world until some girls at the post office told her that she was identical to Granger, besides the first movie of Harry Potter I had just released it.

I did not know who Emma Watson was until they saw me at a post office and some girls told me that I looked like Hermione Granger.

Everything was solved when he investigated thoroughly

I had no idea who Hermione was, nor had I heard that name, at that time the first movie had just been released Harry Potter. So my mom and I had to search and find out who it was.

Do cosplay it has become a hobby

If it were not for those two girls, I probably would never have known about Harry Potter but until later. They were my initiation into the universe of Harry Potter. I always loved reading books, so it was inevitable that I liked the saga. It's great because I always identified with Hermione. So it made me disguise myself at conventions a thousand times better!

He has played different characters

Since Lewis proved his resemblance to the actress, he devotes part of his free time to doing cosplays of all the characters that Watson has played throughout his career.

It's sweeping on Instagram with its resemblance

Now the question is: how and when did Lewis snatch a hair from Watson to prepare his potion? We will probably never know the answer.

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