Emma Roberts breaks engagement with Evan Peters for a new gallant


We love knowing when the actors who play our favorite characters end up falling in love, and however much we want these couples to be forever, it is inevitable that love ends. Well now the strange but tender couple that made Emma Roberts and Evan Peters, in American Horror Story, seems to have ended their relationship of seven years.

While the union was full of ups and downs, it seemed that their courtship was more stable than ever after revealing their commitment. But that ended when it was speculated that Roberts was dating someone else.

Emma and Evan have been together since they met in the filming of the tape Adult World, in the year 2012; at that moment they became inseparable from each other.

Garrett, the new heartthrob

Emma has been linked to 34-year-old actor Garrett Hedlund, after they both walked hand in hand through the streets of Los Angeles.

While sources say that their relationship is something more casual and they do not see future together, this has been enough to end the relationship with Peters.

It seemed a matter of time

We all remember very well that the couple had already broken their commitment in 2013, when Emma was arrested after having a fight with Evan, who turned out to have a bloody nose. But everything was forgiven and together they worked to solve it.

Now, unfortunately, it seems that love did end, and those who loved the couple will have to cope with their breakup.

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