Elder obtained her high school diploma at age 105; the whole world is moved


Theresia Brandl is a beautiful old woman who has had all kinds of adventures during her 105 years of life. When she was young, she had to make one of the most difficult decisions, since much of her future depended on her: studying or helping her sick mother with domestic chores and caring for her younger siblings was the dilemma.

Brandl took the second option, her mother could not take care of herself, needed help from her most of the time.

Brandl achieved his dreams despite the time

She could not take care of herself, she needed someone to help her, that's why I left school.

But despite the time and difficulties, Brandl set out to finish her studies and a few days ago, surrounded by four grandchildren, eight great-grandchildren and other relatives, she obtained her honorary diploma at the Sto-Rox School.

Her family and friends supported her during her studies

All my friends had a diploma and I decided that I also needed one.

The woman achieved her dream thanks to the help of the Foundation Twilight Wish, which helps seniors to fulfill their great desires. She was nominated by one of the nurses who works in the care center for the elderly in which she lives.

Now it is a source of inspiration for the entire Internet

I just live following sporting events and football games.

Definitely Brandl has left us the best lesson of life: fulfill each of your dreams, no matter the time, the difficulties or decisions that have to be made along the way, while you remain firm you can achieve it despite the years.

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