Drinking alcohol helps you speak more fluently in other languages


Do you know that urban myth that says drinking alcohol helps you speak any language? Well, it turns out that it was not just a popular belief. A group of researchers came to the conclusion that the capacity of bilingual people improves after having drunk some wine glasses or a few jars of beer.

But if you have never studied another language beyond Spanish, do not make illusions. Getting drunk is not going to allow you to learn or speak French, Chinese, Japanese or Italian overnight, on the contrary, an excess of alcoholic beverages will cause you a hangover and even a mental lacuna.

Learning another language is more fun than you think

A recent study done at the University of Liverpool and King's College London, said a moderate dose of beer would help improve fluency by speaking a language different from the native.

Nothing in excess, everything in moderation

During the investigation, the experts relied on 50 German people, who had recently learned Nederlanders, and each took a dose of alcohol according to their weight. For example, a 70-kilogram man received a portion equivalent to half a liter of beer with 5 percent alcohol.

After drinking, people began to talk with two native Dutch, who ultimately defined, without knowing anything about alcohol consumption, who had had a better pronouncement. The result was that those who had drunk had a better diction when conversing a foreign language.

Drinking has more benefits than you thought

For Inge Kersbergen, doctor of the Institute of Psychology, Health and Society of the University of Liverpool, the consumption of beer could have positive effects on the pronunciation of a foreign language in people who have recently learned the language and everything is due to alcohol It increases self-confidence and reduces social anxiety.

Drinking Alcohol Helps You Speak Foreign Languages Better, According To Study Like MOI At Somaliland (April 2021)