Drake and Josh reconciled at the MTV Awards and we all shouted: Hug me, brother!


Although we believed that the friendship between Drake and Josh was over forever when Josh did not invite his former co-star to his wedding in June, an unusual event has happened: it seems that the two were able to leave grudges in the past and found themselves in the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday night.

Both have been friends for years, but as in any friendship suffered a small crisis that fortunately have been able to overcome. Officially they left the drama as soon as they saw each other, as they reaffirmed their friendship with a warm hug, and obviously their fans They could not contain their emotion.

Drake and Josh said goodbye to hatred

Drake posted a photograph on his Instagram account where he appears embracing Josh with the comment Hug me , phrase that both said when they appeared in the series where their friendship began.

The publication has become a viral fact, because in a matter of minutes it reached more than 100 thousand likes and hundreds of comments.

And they felt the brotherly love again

In addition to the image, Drake also made a live broadcast from Instagram where both are enjoying the awards ceremony. During an interview for the site Eonline, Drake noted that their friendship sometimes has ups and downs:

We are brothers, we are friends, he has been one of my dearest friends for the last 18 years, he is one of the people I can call at any time of the day and he will be there. We talk all the time, but our relationship has its ups and downs. We are the ying and the yang of brotherly love.

The fans They are happy for the rencuentro

It is a great step to believe that friendship is forever.

They felt that their heart had throbbed again

After Josh did not invite Drake to the wedding, the heart of thousands was shattered, but this sincere hug united him again.

Others thanked the MTV Video Music Awards by the miracle

Maybe it was an advertising strategy, but the friendship between the two can not be denied.

Many remembered their childhood

For many years, Drake and Josh showed that siblings can also be friends, and the warm embrace only reaffirmed this fact.

And there are those who think that normalcy will one day return

We hope that happens faster than we think.

Meanwhile, we love you to be brothers again