Drake and Josh go back to television and we can not wait any longer; Hug me, brother!


Drake and Josh It was one of the most successful comedies Nickelodeon had since 2004 and until 2007, when the channel decided to say goodbye to it, according to Dan Schneider, creator of the series, although audience levels rose in the last season, it was time to finish the project. Luckily, for the fans, everything good comes back and these brothers are back.

In recent days they were seen leaving the Nickelodeon studios and this intrigued the fans. But now it is known, officially, that the couple is working in the reboot Well, this was confirmed by Drake Bell in his Instagram account when uploading instastory with a picture of both and the text: Drake and Josh 2019.

After Josh did not invite Drake to his wedding and certain statements that assured that the relationship was broken, the fans believed that it would be the end of all possible reunion between the actors. But the reconciliation was immediate and on the red carpet of the IHearthRadio 2019 awards Bell said:

I'm excited, I think we have a great idea. It will be much more creative, much more attractive. We're going to address college years or something like that. We knew that if we were ever going to come back, it had to be something good. I'm excited to see what the fans think.

Although no more details have been given and the release date and the name of the project are unknown, fans can be sure that the brothers will become more mature in their new life as university students.