Donald Trump stole Legally Blonde's speech ?: The Internet has this theory


It is not easy to be the leader of one of the most powerful countries in the world, all the time you have to attend meetings, give speeches and worst of all is that the whole world is always following your movements, especially if you are Donald Trump, president of the United States. Since the beginning of his term, the Republican has been involved in a lot of scandals that have not left him standing still.

On this occasion, the presenter Jimmy Fallon exhibited during his program The Tonight Show by showing a video where he makes a comparison of the speech that the North American president gave to the graduated students of Liberty University (Virginia) and with the final scene of the movie Legally blonde, starring Reese Witherspoon.

Elle Woods or Donald Trump?

Elle Woods, the legally blonde girl gave us one of the best graduation speeches in 2000. And it seems to have been the number one source of inspiration for the president of the United States, Donald Trump.

During the speech, which seemed a justification of his actions as president rather than a motivational message for more than 18,000 students, Trump used words similar to those that, in his time, Reese Witherspoon said in Legally blonde.

Always have the courage to be yourself and pursue your dreams and I am the master of my destiny, I am the captain of my soul, they are just some of the phrases that the president said.

Jimmy Fallon made us discover plagiarism

The presenter shared on his official website Facebook a video in which he compares Trump's speech with Woods', and it really makes us think that, he also feels legally blonde.

Stealing speeches is a family thing

Perhaps we all remember that the current first lady, Melania Trump, also inspired -robo-, one of the speeches of Michelle Obama.

This is the video that shows everything

The video was edited by the team of Jimmy Fallon, which also draws attention, since the comedian was the only one who had not mocked the president, either on his television show or on his social networks.

Even when he was campaigning, Fallon invited Donald to his program and received thousands of criticisms for having behaved diplomatic with the republican. After the invitation the raiting of the Show it decreased considerably. Perhaps, with this video he is trying to tell his audience that he can also change his mind and make fun of the president.

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