Dog saves its owner from a snake bite and is now the most adorable hero


In Arizona, United States, a dog called Todd It has become the sensation of social networks to save its owner from the lethal bite of a rattlesnake.

When Todd saw that the snake was pouncing on his human was launched to cover his leg, but the snake managed to bite his face, causing him to be rushed to the nearest veterinary hospital.

They are inseparable

Paula, Todd Y Copper, his other dog, live in Arizona and go for a walk quite regularly.

I love my puppies, I love being by their side, in fact that's all I do.

Todd he saved his life

Paula decided to go hiking with her dogs, everyone enjoyed the view while crossing a trail on Friday morning. When they walked, Todd, of six months, he realized that there was a rattlesnake on the road and that he was willing to attack his owner. Paula had not noticed the lethal companion who followed them and who, without hesitation, threw herself on her to bite her. At that moment Todd He jumped between the two to prevent the attack, but was caught by the viper and it bit his face.

After the events, Paula took her puppy, put him in the car and drove to the veterinary hospital as fast as he could. There, Todd he received antivenin and spent 12 hours under observation.

He is a dog hero

Todd He saved the life of his human and after spending several hours in the hospital he is stable. However, the photos of his recovery have impacted those who see him.

Paula said that although she knew of the existence and dangers of vipers in the area they were traveling, she never imagined that this would happen:

Usually, when I hear the noise of a viper, I step back. I am very aware and I watch wherever I go, but this time I could not notice it.

Internet does not stop applauding your courage

The story of Todd He came to the Internet through Paula's Facebook account. Hundreds of people have applauded the courage of the puppy.

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