Doctors told him he would not live until his wedding, fate had a surprise


Laurin Bank challenged all diagnosis to marry Michael Bank, the love of his life. Cancer did not stop him from celebrating his wedding.

In September 2014, when she was 26 years old, Laurin was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer and had to undergo chemotherapy, radiation and double masectomy before being declared cancer free in April 2015.

He said goodbye to the fear of showing himself as he was and found love

The couple met through a dating page on the internet while she was in the midst of her battle with cancer. Between her last chemotherapy and the impending mastectomy, she gave herself a gift: a photo session showing off her hair and wearing big pink gloves. He decided that this would be his profile picture on the dating site:

When they saw me in person they would realize that I am a bald girl, so I just wanted to be open and honest to say: Hey, this is me!

Michael saw beyond the illness and was attracted by Laurin's radiant smile. After the first messages they talked on the phone for hours and agreed to go for a coffee the next day.

But the disease came back

Michael proposed to him in June of 2017, but unfortunately the disease returned in August of that year and this time in stage four: he had metastasized to his bones, liver and lungs.

I looked at Mike and asked him: do you still want to marry me ?, and he said: of course! I asked you and I will not change my mind

But the doctors tried to dissuade her from advancing her wedding day by arguing that she might need oxygen, that she would be unable to walk on her own at the altar or, in the worst of all, that she would not survive.

A special date they were not going to give up

They chose March 24 to get married because it was the anniversary of the day they met, so it seemed unthinkable to give up.

That date was special for us. We felt that changing it was giving up cancer and letting it control our lives. We did not want to give up. That was our goal.

For the lovers there was no turning back and they decided to risk trusting in destiny and dedicating their days to love each other and to enjoy life no matter what it might bring.

Together, in health and in disease

What for many was a miracle for them became the happiest day of their lives and, according to plan, they married on their anniversary.

Mike and I managed to make our dream wedding and everything went great. He is my husband, my best friend and my soul mate. I was able to dance all night, I did not need a wheelchair or oxygen. I did it!

He lived to the maximum each of his days

Despite continuing treatment, the months following her wedding Laurin and Michael traveled around the world and shared their adventures on their Facebook page, but on October 24 she died at her aunt's house surrounded by her loved ones .

She was fired as she wanted: her ashes were scattered in the sea, a place that - according to her husband - made her feel truly happy and relaxed.

She taught me how to love. I did not believe in unconditional love until I met Laurin.

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