Do you want to make your girl fall in love? These are the 10 habits that continue to make women fall in love


Although many things happen over time, the way in which a girl was courted, with details and attention, we would like her to return.

In the end, we have changed, but not so much to be indifferent to habits like these during an appointment.

1. Go for it to your house

Having a meeting point has become the informal alternative of our time. But that the boy who invited you to come out for you, is a detail from always.

2. Look great

Although looking good does not mean the same thing for all people, a man must strive in his aspect to go out with someone. It is not about wearing a suit, but taking into account that your image speaks well or badly about you.

3. Bring flowers or a gift on the first date

You will not look old fashioned. It is a gesture that shows your interest in her and that you appreciate that she wants to spend time with you.

4. Romantic dancing

Of course dancing to have fun, in a group or in a couple, is what is used today. However, the protocol of taking a girl out to dance calm music, or inviting her to a place with a dance floor, invites a romantic night together.

5. Stop dating a girl to hang out

Currently it is very common to say: We are dating or we are getting to know each other (not to mention we are just friends). These forms are convenient to evade the issue of whether or not you are in a relationship, which ends up being confusing for the parties involved. It is good to return to the idea of ​​courting and being direct about your intentions with her; Tell him you're interested as soon as you know.

6. Also, express that it is a stable relationship

There should be no place to ask: what are we? Both must be clear that they are committed to the relationship and that they are serious.

7. Write: a note, a letter, even a poem

This has not gone out of style either, and it is not the same to do it via cell phone, email or a social network. Surely you will surprise her by writing by hand, on a special paper and envelope. (If you do not get the letters, give them something done for you)

8. Leave the cell phone aside when they are together

We know this was not a problem before, but keep in mind that one of the worst things you can do when you are with your partner is to pick up your phone and review it, or answer messages. She is what matters at that moment.

9. Request permission is a sign of good education

Before, a man used to ask his partner: when can I see you? or when can I call you? I did not assume I could see her at any time. That old protocol today can be applied to

Do you want? Do you like it?

10. Do not assume that they will have entrance sex

Today it is easy to think that they will have relationships from the first date, but do not take it for granted. Everything depends on what the other person wants, without you force it or put it in a compromised situation. That would make a gentleman.

Source: Thoughtcatalog

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