Do you want to know how female logic works? Here we explain it to you!

On a normal day I started thinking about the question that a man asks a woman what do you want? ; and in the times we will answer: I do not know, but what I am sure of is what I do not want. The interesting thing will also be what happens while I find out what I want, or that even when I find it, I may not want it anymore.

Yes, this is how this feminine logic works, just like how it worked yesterday when I thought about cooking for dinner

In the morning I wondered what dinner would be perfect for when I returned home. I thought of something light but with a lot of consistency, since I can not stand warm or bland foods. So I decided to make a simple but exquisite salad just to please myself, and I had a little chicken left that no one was going to eat anyway.

For the salad I needed a little peaches. I took the fruits out of the jar but the juice was left over, and I thought about drinking it, but I also thought: at this moment I do not want to, and it will only fall badly on my stomach. Then I remembered the recipe for a cake for which he just needed a little peach juice.

For the cake always only the yolks are needed, and as I did not want to waste, I separated the whites and left them in the refrigerator, although I did not know if I would end up discarding them tomorrow.

While I was finishing the cake, I thought that with the egg whites I could make the meringue better, and then I took them out again. For the meringues I always use lemon zest, but now that I have the lemon without the skin I do not know what to do with it, because the lemon like that dries up soon and would be a waste.

I thought of a sauce for the salad, although in the salad I used half an onion and the other half was left over. Now I was left wondering what to do with that half of onion. For example, a spaghetti would be good with a little tomato sauce and so I add the onion. Then I found in the refrigerator a jar of tomato puree for pasta that I had prepared myself and of which I only used half.

Then it was another time thinking what to do with what was left over I have always felt that it is a shame to throw food away, I also learned to prepare it during the summer and although it was very good, the truth is that without conservatives it will not last long time.

I kept thinking and came to the conclusion that I could better make a pizza for my family with the tomato sauce I had left over, but when I looked in the pantry I did not have flour.

I got dressed in two minutes and went to the store. I bought the flour and also made dough (just in case it was occupied), potatoes, yogurt, toothpaste, socks (which were on sale), slippers (they also had a discount), some hand soaps.

On the way home I went through the bank and paid the light, next to the bank is the shoe store and I picked up some slippers that I had left a week ago, then I went through the bread to make sandwiches to the children.

In the end I got home very tired and prepared the happy pizza but this time I did not notice if there was anything left over. I fell exhausted in the armchair, my back hurt, my legs hurt and I did not feel my hands.

In the end, better if I had taken that juice of peaches

Drake - Nice For What (January 2021)