Do not let indifference destroy your opportunity to love


I will never understand why after having had one of the best dates with the man that I wish would become the love of my life, suddenly everything becomes somber, and he now ignores me and disappears from the map. In a few hours, my feelings seem like a wheel of fortune and I move from being the happiest woman, to looking at myself in the mirror and noticing all my faults.

My self-esteem is on the floor, I think of all the negative in me and I find a thousand reasons why I will never like it. The next day I take strength and hope desperately to send me a message, a call, something that makes me feel wanted and understand that it was only my fear, but no, time passes and there is no sign of life.

What did I do wrong? Easy, I also acted with indifference, I did not give clear signs that I felt something for him. We start a contest to see who is the strongest in this game of love. Of course, if he does not call me, I will not do it either. What is the case? Soon you will realize that I like it too much, my feelings will be served on a silver platter to destroy them and leave me with a broken heart.

But this is a mistake, because the more I deny it, the more I will like it, and then its indifference will hurt me more than I imagined. The fact is that I should have been less cold, take into account that maybe I like it or maybe not, but that I must say what I feel because I do not deserve to live in the uncertainty of knowing if it interests someone or not, because then the game It goes on longer than desired.

With how easy it would be to put aside the pride and be me who says how much I liked being at his side, be me who sent that message, not let misunderstandings arise and simply be honest with what I want; but no, something stops me, I'm inside a stretch and loosen because I do not want to lose. And what did I win? In the end, maybe he walks away from me because he did not express my feelings adequately.

It's not easy: a lump forms in my throat, nerves beat me and I do not know how to say what I feel. I stop for a moment to analyze how far the damage can go, and yet how simple it would be if we all had the courage to say what we really want. Do not stop for fear of rejection, but do things with caution with the certainty that even if what we want does not happen, at least we made the attempt. Maybe we would get less damaged that way, instead of trying to hide our feelings, that attitude hurts more. After all, as they say, a scar is just proof that we are alive.

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