Divorced women are happier and more attractive: study


To end a marriage that began with dreams, affection and the idea that only death could separate them, is painful; especially by the emotions and memories that are present.

Whether because of infidelity, routine or because love has ended, divorce can be more beneficial for women, not only because of their mental health but because it makes them more attractive and happy, according to recent studies.

In the research carried out by the University of Lausanne in Switzerland, the love life of 10 thousand couples was analyzed and they found that out of every 100 marriages that separate:

The people who initiate the divorce process, unlike the couple who receives the news, are perceived with greater attractiveness and qualities; this in relation to their economic potential, personality skills and educational level These aspects open the doors to great opportunities to establish a new relationship.

Based on this, we can say that there is a kind of small letters, because those who enhance their attractiveness are only those women who initiate the process of separation, and not those who accept the news.

The study also revealed three qualities that would make a divorced woman the most attractive:

1. They know what they want

Divorced women know what they want and what qualities they look for in a life partner.

2. Enjoy life

After separation, women have higher levels of satisfaction, according to a study conducted at the University of Kingston, United Kingdom, because they tend to heal faster.

3. They are more mature

Every experience, good or bad, is seen as a teaching. Divorce can seem very bad, but the learning it leaves is invaluable.

In another study conducted by Professor Emily Grundy, from the University of Essex, more than 3,000 people were questioned and it was shown that 32 percent of women between 45 and 65 are happier when they are alone, while in men the result only reached 19 percent.

This is because many women consider that life as a couple involves more work for them. In fact, there is evidence that we spend more time doing domestic chores.

Also, another of the reasons why females enjoy more singleness according to the expert, is because we are better socializing when we are single.

Women are better at socializing and finding confidants, while men tend to rely heavily on their wives, so they create fewer bonds of friendship.

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