Disobedient and stubborn children are more likely to be rich


According to the results of a study published on the ResearchGate site, children with strong character, who break the rules and defy authority would have greater chances of achieving professional success and, therefore, economic success during their future life.

Specialists Marion Spengler, Rodica Damian, Martin Brunner and Oliver Lüdtke conducted research on the characteristics and behavior of 12-year-old students who, they claim, predict job success 40 years later, going beyond the IQ and socioeconomic status of the students. parents.

With a sample of 745 people, started in 1968, the scientists concluded that some characteristics of the younger students, such as the breaking of rules and the challenge to parental authority, were directly or indirectly related to those who achieved professional success and, of course, , the economic derivative thereof.

Likewise, it was determined that obstinacy in children can lead them to be more competitive in the classroom and achieve higher grades; In addition, being demanding led them to negotiate contracts with greater benefits in terms of salaries and benefits.

Powerful Dua For Disobedient Children & Money Wealth ᴴᴰ (April 2021)