Disney has just revealed the new Aladdin trailer and we can not wait to see it


Aladdin It is one of the Disney films that left the animation to enter the popular real action format.

Like Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, The Jungle Book and the next one to present, Dumbo, the tape released in 1992 already has its remake of flesh and bone to relive the adventures of Aladdin, Jasmine and the famous genius.

Disney has just revealed a new extended trailer that reveals the adventures and dilemmas that the characters will face.

1. Jaffar?

We already knew but we checked: this version of Jaffar is much younger and more sensual than the view in animation; We could say that he is more handsome than Aladdin himself. We also note that, unlike the 1992 version in which Jaffar disguises himself as an old man to convince Aladdin to enter the Cave of Wonders, here he uses his real identity as the sultan's vizier.

2. Rajah

Although it had been said that in the movie Jasmine would not have the company of his faithful tiger Rajah, the trailer shows the cat in more than one shot.

3. The genie is back

There is no doubt that the genius maintains the magnificent sense of humor of the 1992 version.

4. With your feet on the ground

The new advance of the film shows us a genius interested in Aladdin keeping his feet on the ground and do not forget that his new image as a prince is only something external and he continues to be the same inside.

5. Jasmine is not the same as before

Jasmine has a greater sense of duty than the one she showed in the animated version, because she tells Aladdin that she can not go with him when he invites her out. Although in the end it ends up going up on the carpet.

6. The music is amazing

We listen to Aladdin and Jasmín interpret An ideal world; with luck too Nights of Arabia Y Prince Ali.

Enjoy this small and magical advance!

Prepare your savings because you can not miss its premiere next May.

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