Disney creates worthy collection of engagement rings princess


There are many girls who constantly think about the day of their wedding, the place, the dress and the perfect couple. They dream of a fairytale wedding, of which we always saw in the end of the Disney movie: the princesses with beautiful dresses, rings and always with the prince of their dreams.

And not because you dream in fantasy Disney means you're childish, you're more likely to want the elegance and good taste of princesses. Well now it seems that the dream wedding you've always imagined could come true.

The official jewelry Disney Enchanted Fine Jewelry, along with the diamond shop Zales, have created a dream catalog in which you can see rings for future brides inspired by the princesses we love so much.

Diamonds of charm

The collection Enchanted It has truly beautiful pieces inspired by the Disney heroines, including Cinderella, Snow White, Bella, Elza and Tinker Bell.

They are more than 100 pieces to choose from, made in white, yellow and pink shades with precious diamond inlays. It seems that now all film may be princesses. Look at some of the beautiful pieces available in the store on-line.


To defrost the heart of your fiance in the kingdom of Arendelle.


A beautiful piece that will make the evil stepsisters die of envy.


No doubt the Beast threw the house out the window to give his princess what he wanted.


Who would believe what you can hide under the sea

Snow White

The treasured treasure of the seven dwarves.

Tinker Bell

Peter Pan will be delighted.

If you liked some of these gems and you can not wait to send the hint to your special person, enter here.

DISNEY PRINCESS YOGA CLASS WITH MALEFICENT. (With Elsa, Ariel, Moana, Jasmine, Belle and Anna) (April 2021)