Discover your level of jealousy according to your zodiacal sign; Pisces is a danger!


Your personality is determined by different aspects related to your zodiac sign. And although many doubt it, there are others - many too - who say that cosmic forces influence your behavior.

Jealousy is not ruled out and everyone has a level


It is one of the most jealous signs, everything is love and happiness until you notice a strange move. They are possessive and marking their territory is their specialty. They will make you regret having put them to the test and can even become violent.


Extreme level of jealousy! He is possessive and wants to have control of everything, and not only in the relationship of a couple but also with his family. He is distrustful and suspects that they will be unfaithful at any time. He could forgive an infidelity, however, he will reproach him for a long time until he regains his confidence.


He is very jealous but thanks to his maturity he can look very good. Betrayal for cancer is the worst thing that can happen to them because they give themselves to their partner and give it the importance it deserves. Remember that they never forget.


They are among the most carefree and sure of themselves. They trust their partner fully because the word jealousy It does not exist in your vocabulary. They are very loving and direct, they are not afraid to tell the truth.


A very relaxed and calm person, is aware of his virtues; trust in her and her partner. Jealousy does not scare him, however, he suffers the most with infidelity. It can overcome, but never forget.


Distrustful to the limit! They spend it looking for clues to discover who they are being deceived, think about and imagine a thousand things, but prefer to do it and not claim anything until they have proof.


Zero jealousy! She is aware of her charm and always sure of herself, but this could be a problem because a pound likes flirting, provoking jealousy is her gift. It is a free soul and not possessive.


Very explosive and passionate. There will be times when they do not control their emotions and there are some hits. Love them for what they are! Be careful because they are extremely vengeful.


They hardly show their feelings, but that does not mean they are not jealous. They are the calmest and most mature people; If there is a problem, they will let you know in a calm way.


They rarely let themselves be invaded by bad feelings, prefer to focus on personal and work goals that keep them busy. They give themselves entirely to their partner.


It is a distracted sign, occupied in his hobbies. They do not devote time to drama and they are super-divine. They easily forgive an infidelity or betrayal.


They are the ones who create stories that may never come to pass. They have a hard time imagining a different situation every day; They have a solution that always ends in a breakup.

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