Discover which MCU partner represents you in love according to your zodiac sign


Fever Avengers it seems to have no end, and to continue in this mountain of emotions, villains, drama and space wars, we are going to share with you a secret: the stars influence the MCU.

Yes, the stars not only intervene in your personality, they also do it in the character of Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Vision, Wanda and the rest of the heroes, which allows us to discover which pair of superheroes represents us best in love.


Pair of the MCU: Thor and Jane Foster.

An attraction of magic and science. Maybe they did not meet at the best time of their lives, but at the right time. Their mutual company helped them to heal wounds, regain confidence and believe in love, to the point of sacrificing life for each other.


MCU couple: Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff.

Their relationship reflects how they see themselves. The search for perfection turns them into critical and logical people, who refuse to accept the other's faults, but manage to understand themselves at emotional levels in an inexplicable way.


Couple of the MCU: Gamora and Peter Quill.

They are able to unite their minds and feelings to achieve any goal. They like freedom, have a sense of humor, express their feelings with songs and are able to give their lives for their partner.


Couple of the MCU: Wanda and Vision.

They love everyday life. The idea of ​​cooking, watching series, decorating the Christmas tree or carving pumpkins seems charming to them; They are also generous, creative, strong and loving.


Pair of the MCU: Pepper Potts and Tony Stark.

Their dynamic as a couple stands out for their mutual support. In spite of having breaks, they always return, since they are incapable of being the one without the other.


MCU couple: Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter.

Its attraction goes beyond the physical. Being observers and conservatives, they usually admire their partner for their strength, courage, cunning, nobility and courage. Maybe getting a first date will not be easy and it will take some time, but the result will be lovely.


Couple of the MCU: TChalla and Nakia.

They have a strong love, although the arguments can be intense due to their temperament; however, they end in the best way. They love being fashionable, traveling and knowing the technological advances that facilitate their communication as a couple.


MCU couple: Wade Wilson and Vanessa Carlysle.

Their relationship is based on companionship. They do not care about the past, they prefer to focus on the present. The flame of passion is never extinguished, your confidence is strengthened with each test. There is no doubt that they are soulmates.


MCU couple: Scott Lang and Hope Pym.

Equity and balance, that is his motto. Teamwork and communication are essential to maintain a good relationship; Of course, without leaving aside the fun and adventures.


Pair of the MCU: Reed Richards and Sue Storm.

Separately they are invincible; Together they are fantastic. These husbands are the best lovers of the Marvel Universe: they support each other unconditionally, they ignore the gossip, they trust blindly in each other.


Pair of the MCU: Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker.

A relationship that struggles between the desire to achieve one's dreams and those of a couple, but that is strengthened by trust and mutual support despite adversity.


MCU couple: Logan and Jean Gray.

Their souls flow like water and are in constant change; They are affectionate, stubborn, brave and love to have their own space.

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