Discover sexist message in the task of his daughter; take letters in the matter and this is your answer


If you are a mother and you like to help your children to do their school homework, then maybe you have sometimes met with inexplicable surprises that have made you smile. But for Lynne Polvino, reviewing the homework of her six-year-old daughter Hazel became an unpleasant moment to find a sexist message on one of the assignments.

While preparing dinner after a long day, he decided to review what he had ordered his little girl and something caught his attention. It was a story called Back to work, which included blank sections for the students to complete with some of the words that were listed on the side.

Back to work.

Lisa was not happy. His mother had returned to work. Before Lisa was born, her mother worked at a major company. Yesterday, she told Lisa that she would go back to work. The morning was terrible. Lisa had to be on time to school. His father had to get to work on time. And now, his mother was also in a hurry.

Lisa's father prepared breakfast. It was not very good And he asked Lisa to wash the dishes. That was not good either.

Lisa did not like her day at school. On the way home, she weighed on that. I wonder what time my mom will come home. I will be alone at home.

But when Lisa arrived home, her mother was already there. I left the office early so we can spend time together after school, she said. Lisa now feels good.


The task message was not what Lynne expected

When she finished reading the sheet, Lynne decided to take action on the matter and redo the task.

Lisa was happy. His mother returned to work.

Before Lisa was born, her mother had worked in a large company.

As they valued his important contribution to his work, his boss gave him almost one year of paid maternity leave and offered him flexible hours upon his return.

The morning was wonderful. Lisa had to be on time to school. His mother had to get to work on time. Her father stayed at home with paternity leave to be able to take care of Lisa's younger brother and contribute equally in the housework. No one was in a hurry because his dad had everything under control.

Lisa's father prepared breakfast. It was very good. Then, he and Lisa washed the dishes, because all functional humans must learn to wash them for themselves and help others.

Lisa loved her day at school. She enjoyed playing and learning with her teacher in her public school art class. His teachers were well paid and happy. On her way home, she thought about that. I wonder if one day I will be an engineer like my mom or teacher or something else. I can do anything!

When Lisa arrived home, there was her mother. Lisa spent the afternoon with her in the after-school program of activities, funded by the government, where they offered robotics and painting classes, and now she and her whole family were together in their home. Lisa was happy because she grew up in a society free of gender prejudice and misogyny.

Lisa now felt good.


A modern family

Lynne, 44, lives with her family in New York, has two children and is a woman who struggles to give a better future to her children, so she could not allow her daughter to grow up with prejudices about working mothers.

I just did not like the task, and with each sentence I got mad! My initial impression was going down until it became discomfort. I mean, in what decade do we live? At this time, are we going to tell our children that mothers who work outside the home make their families unhappy? And that parents do not do things like cooking or washing dishes?

He just wants to give his children an important lesson

His intention is to make the world reflect on current events, and he wants his children to live long enough to have a family and be able to work without feeling guilty for doing their duty. Lynne decided to publish her speech on Facebook and received different opinions.

The people gave their point of view

Some congratulated the mother's response

Others were surprised

Even, there were some who thought that he was not so wrong

She did not send the assignment to the teacher directly, she sent an email. The teacher accepted that she was a little out of date and promised to review the future assignments with great care. In any case, this mother's intention was to show her daughter that she loved her very much and should not feel sad when she goes to work, because it is completely normal.

Ellen's Helping Out with Homework! (January 2021)