Differences between an intelligent woman and a wise woman. Which one do you prefer to be?


Life is a decision. All the time we chose, since we got up in the morning and decided whether to have breakfast or a bath; Then comes the clothes, the way to take to get to work, what we will eat. This happens every day in which we make decisions automatically. On the other hand, there are other types of issues of greater relevance, such as the person with whom we married, the career we choose or the place in which we decide to live, which require a deeper analysis before making any decision.

That is why intelligence is a valuable quality, because it helps us in that process of choosing between different options. However, what is truly important is not to be intelligent, but wise. Continue reading to find the differences between an intelligent woman and a wise woman.

  • An intelligent woman he studies and prepares to excel professionally, often at the expense of his personal relationships.
  • A wise woman study and prepare without forgetting that it is necessary to give time to each activity without forgetting about each other.

  • An intelligent woman He wants to change the world, and to change everyone in his environment.
  • A wise woman it begins by changing itself; understands the processes of others and accepts them as they are.
  • An intelligent woman think that who is right is happy.
  • A wise woman has discovered that who is happy is right.

  • An intelligent woman He knows the KEY of things.
  • A wise woman do you know WHY? of things.
  • An intelligent woman try to bring your own experience to the lives of your adult children, give them advice and recommendations, even if they have not asked for them.
  • A wise woman he lets them acquire their own experiences, and is always willing to support them.

  • An intelligent woman he tries to be better in his work and not make mistakes, even if that provokes the distrust of his companions.
  • A wise woman He senses that it is not necessary to compete and creates a warm and accessible atmosphere around him.
  • An intelligent woman Take the reins and teach your partner how things are done.
  • A wise woman He shows the way in a subtle way and will support it if he decides to take it.

  • An intelligent woman He has knowledge, assimilates new information and knows how to integrate it.
  • A wise woman, from experience, he knows what the real world is like, understands its complexity and reads between the lines.
  • An intelligent woman He struggles against the influence of his mother-in-law in his family and tries to establish his authority.
  • A wise woman he learns to smile, he listens in silence and in his way he does things, with love.
  • An intelligent woman It's like the atomic bomb.
  • A wise woman It is the force that created it.

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