DiCaprio manages to hide from the paparazzi but not from Photoshop; the MEMES are sublime


Leonardo DiCaprio has established himself as one of the most important celebrities worldwide, not only for his incredible talent as an actor, but also for his tireless struggle to help the planet against global warming. And there is no doubt that, because of his star status, he is constantly threatened by paparazzi.

Fed up with this situation, he decided to hide in a failed way inside his jacket, while walking on a street in Los Angeles, resulting in one of the worst attempts of a celebrity to hide from the cameras. Of course this situation was not going to go unnoticed and the world of Photoshop decided troll it in an epic way Enjoy the result

1. When you think that nobody recognizes you and you fail in the attempt

2. I did not want Rose to recognize him

3. A different statuette

4. Variety of jackets for the winter

5. Catch Leo if you can

6. I think I saw a nice DiCaprio

7. The incognito neighbor

8. When you want to go unnoticed and everyone recognizes you

9. That bag does not help you, Leo

10. As if someone could ignore it

11. This is getting out of control

12. Gilbert Grape and who is hiding in the jacket?

13. In this way the bear will not notice his presence

14. Hit Leo and take a teddy bear

15. It's not a penguin, it's Leo!

16. Who is that Leo who is there?

17. Leo unchained

18. Whoever hits Leo the most, wins

19. The reborn, version 2017

20. This does not make sense

21. Challenge: find DiCaprio in less than 5 minutes

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