Design and paint your own graduation gown, the result is worthy of a princess


When we think about our graduation, a nice dress that steals looks comes to mind, but also one that highlights our personality and shows who we are. That is to say, that it combines with our exterior and interior.

Ciara Gan is a 17-year-old Filipina teenager who went to work to have the dress she had always dreamed of for her high school graduation: she took advantage of her illustration skills and made her own amphitic dress.

Her mom convinced her to do it

Originally he had hired a dressmaker to make the piece, but the design result did not convince her. Although Ciara was hopelessly discouraged, her mother was with her and gave her a crazy but great idea: to make herself the dress of her dreams.

My inspiration came from my mother, who pushed me to do it because I love trying new things; I thought: why not? It was my last great event for the school and I took advantage of my month of graduation practices to concentrate on making my dress without worrying about school work.

He needed 11 meters of fabric

To be true to the image I had in mind, they bought 11 meters of fabric, a handful of Swarovski crystals and several cans of acrylic paint for fabric.

First we made the individual panels of the skirt and then my mom and I sewed them one by one.

Painting the flowers took five days

In her Instagram account, Ciara has made it very clear that one of her great inspirations are flowers, but tiger lilies have a special place in her heart.

I recently read the book Lily of the Tiger, by Lynn Anderson, and decided that my dress would have those orange flowers. I moved away from roses and delicate flowers because, although they are beautiful, they do not reflect my personality. I love the vibration of strong colors like orange and green because they speak about who I really am.

A touch of Slytherin

Ciara left nothing to chance and everything in her dress represented a part of her, not only the choice of tiger lilies but also the green color of her work that she took from her favorite house of Harry Potter.

The inspiration for the design I took from things that make me happy. It may sound very nerdy, but I chose the emerald green color because I am an avid potterhead and a proud Slytherin.

No one could believe that it was handmade by her

To make it a surprise, the girl kept her project secret to reveal it on the day of her graduation and see the astonished face of her classmates.

When I showed up at the event, one of my friends had to look twice to make sure what I was seeing was real. He told me: I thought it was printed!

Ciara became the inspiration of other artists

Not only did she manage to impress her colleagues, but after posting the photos of the result on her Twitter account, attention turned to her and both friends and strangers agreed on something: the dress was impressive!

I can not believe that my dress has received this impressive response, many people have seen it. What I appreciate most of all are the messages that come to me, both to illustrate me and to ask me to draw something for them. It hurts my heart to see that people appreciate my art.