Demi Moore reveals that she lost her front teeth because of stress; the image is shocking


Have you asked what can cause stress? Probably Demi Moore did not have time to ask herself that question and it cost her dearly to have allowed this disease to go unnoticed.

Many people think that the symptoms are not serious or something to worry about, that with a day of rest during the weekend they will solve it; but the reality is that it is better to prevent than to regret.

Demi lost the two front teeth

The gorgeous 54-year-old actress, remembered for her portrayal of the beautiful widow Molly Jensen in the movie Ghost, attended the Jimmy Fallon program to promote his latest work, the movie Rough Night. During the interview she was questioned by a photograph in which she appeared without a front tooth.

You sent us a picture and it's one of the craziest things I've ever seen.

Try to raise awareness in people

The Hollywood star responded in a funny way to the question and clarified the reason why she lost her teeth.

I broke my front teeth. I would love to say that it was for practicing skateboarding or something really cool, but I think it is important to share that it was due to stress, since this is probably, after heart disease, one of the biggest killers in the United States.

Some of the symptoms that excess stress can generate are: migraines, sleep problems, excessive tiredness, gastritis, tachycardia. Among the diseases caused are: coronary heart disease, skin problems, menstrual disorders, digestive problems and even mental problems.

It has not lost the glamor, it's just more human

In a relaxed and laughing way, Demi told how her daughters took the situation and the reaction that she had before such events:

My daughters love the image. They love that I have lost two teeth because they say that it makes me look more vulnerable and more human.

He took it funny

Then he thanked the work done by modern dentists and the team that returned the smile. To end the interview, Demi participated in the singing segment with helium gas.

Here the fragment of the interview

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Demi Moore Explains Her Toothless Photo (January 2021)