Demi Lovato supports Miley Cyrus for quitting drugs: I'm proud of her life change

These last days we have seen Miley Cyrus very renewed, apparently she has had great changes in her life and in a recent interview, she talked about her addictions and made it clear that she would never be the girl of before.

The news was well received by fans who did not hesitate to send messages of support and congratulations, but there was one in particular that has attracted attention, because the actress and singer Demi Lovato has been proud of the decision of her former co-worker and he has made it known to the whole world.

They have shared experiences without being together

The trajectories of these celebrities and their experiences with the consumption of substances and alcohol after their departure from Disney They are not so different: Lovato was on the verge of sinking his career due to his addiction to drugs and a strong eating disorder. Cyrus, managed to consecrate as one of the most influential stars of his generation thanks to his openly sexual image and his defense in favor of cannabis.

Demi recognizes the inner strength of who deserves it

Lovato, just celebrated five years sober after a long rehabilitation and knows that the road is not easy, so she has been proud that her former partner has made the decision to give up smoking marijuana to focus on the new stage of his career after releasing the single Malibu.

I'm very proud of Miley. It seems to me that it will help many people to know that there are celebrities who also have to face these types of challenges and very stressful lives. It helps to know that recovery is possible and for people like me, that is very important.

Now Miley is a new girl

Unlike Lovato, Miley has emphasized that she was not addicted to any of the drugs she consumed, so she could leave it at any time she wanted.

Many people have asked me if I need help. I say: no, when I want to get something, I can do it. Whatever I want to do or if I want to stop doing it, I can get it. I have simply decided to quit and now it is much easier for me. It's very weird. I have more energy since I stopped smoking marijuana.
I am a very obsessive person, it is something that I need to change, but being that way also helps me, because when I really want to achieve something, I make sure to do it perfectly.

Be that as it may, we are proud of the strength of both to recover.

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