Deco tabs, a little artistic touch on your face; You will love it!

If you are one of the girls who likes to give your makeup extravagant and followed the latest trends in Instagram on how to make more than your face look more beautiful, then you should know the work of the Japanese Miyuki, who has created an artistic design for lashes that will fascinate you.

From the colorful wings of a butterfly, to the impressive plumage of a bird, this makeup artist has managed to attract the attention of many young people who seek to be different, daring and creative. These are some examples of his work.

1. A beautiful expression of art

2. Perfect for an authentic woman

3. They are a detail that will enhance the beauty of your face

4. You will look spectacular

5. It's a touch of glamor

6. They can be according to your personality

7. The details are important

8. They are like a spark of magic

9. You can not go unnoticed

10. Incredibles

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