Danielle Nicole returns to fall in love with handbags and purses; Now it's inspired by Harry Potter!


Dear Potterheads, we have good news to share with you: the brand of accessories Danielle Nicole He partnered with Warner Bros to create a line of backpacks and bags inspired by the most famous magician of recent times: Harry Potter.

The line includes a series of backpacks representing the four houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Revenclaw and Slytherin, as well as a set of sachets inspired by the animals that appear on the Hogwarts shield, but with a renovated and elegant version. Any fanatic of Harry Potter you need a backpack of these, but in case you do not know where to find it, here we leave you the models and the place you can enter to acquire it.

Now you can take the magic anywhere

Just look at the wild designs of Griffindor

They look so magical and perfect

You will definitely need Luna Lovegood's portfolio

Or better yet, the backpack

If you thought Hufflepuff was boring, you're wrong

Just look at this adorable clutch

Be malevolent and carry the Slytherin bag with you

There is nothing that represents this house more than a snake

Ravenclaw wallets are so cute

This design is perfect to wear at Christmas parties

HARRY POTTER OUTFIT IDEAS | Universal Studios Packing Haul w Harry Potter Clothes 2019 (January 2020)