Cyclist saves the life of a small cat; Internet melts of tenderness


We are constantly witnessing the cruelty in which some homeless dogs and cats live due to the lack of responsibility of those who owned them. However, for each act of evil there are three more kindness and it is precisely these that rebuild our faith, as did the Brazilian cyclist Vittor Fonseca.

A few days ago, he went out for a walk with a friend, without imagining that fate had saved him a four-legged surprise to brighten his life.

Heroes appear at the best moment

During his bike ride, Fonseca saw a small tabby kitten in distress, approached a little and noticed that the kitten could not fend for himself, meowing with great intensity and clearly was alone.

Vittor knew that he could not leave it abandoned and decided to take it with him, but he had nowhere to put it, so I quickly chose to hide it inside his sweater, situation that filled with security and affection to his new friend who only cuddled in his chest to enjoy the 10-kilometer trip.

The best of the rewards

As a token of gratitude the little pussycat began to fill with caresses on the neck and chin to his savior, making the cyclist smile all the time.

Fonseca shared his experience and video on social networks, where he received all kinds of comments in favor of his great action.

All he did was play, I'm glad he's fine, and if they asked him, he was not scratching me.

And an adventurous companion

Now that this kitten is in a new home, he receives pampering and love as part of his basic training for the next bike ride.

WHY??? Why would anyone throw a kitten on the freeway??? Please share. (September 2020)