Cut your old sandals and turn them into the best shoes for summer


One of the body parts that suffers most in hot season is our feet. Although the most common is to wear sandals, these are not as comfortable or safe as any shoe. Another option that many people use are the crocs, but this type of shoe has been criticized by podiatrists, so they are not the best alternative either.

If you're wondering what to wear in the summer to keep your feet cool, maybe you should try wearing the shoes crochet, better known as worsted shoes. This type of shoes allows the air to pass and your feet to stay cool and dry. In addition, they adhere perfectly to your foot, relieving the tension of the fingers and holding the heel.

If you are still not convinced, they are also very cheap and you can do them at home! It's time to get down to work, because here we'll tell you how you can make beautiful shoes and release them right now.


  • Crochet hook B / 2.5 mm
  • Crochet hook G / 4.5 mm
  • 100 meters of cotton yarn for summer crochet Choose your favorite color!
  • A pair of sandals, it is best to choose a smaller number than you always use
  • Scissors
  • Crochet stitch lockers
  • Sharp punch to make the holes

The materials can be obtained in any stamens store or in some deserve, they are not expensive and in truth they are very easy to find.


1. Cut the straps of the sandals to be able to use only the sole

2. With the sharp punch, draw holes around the upper contour of the sole

The holes should be made approximately one centimeter away from each other. You must draw them perpendicularly, so that they connect the upper part of the sole with the lateral part, both located half a centimeter from the edge.

3. Start knitting the shoe

The crochet or crochet technique is very simple, but obviously you must learn it before making your shoes. It's just a matter of practice and in a few days you'll be an expert in this technique.

4. If you already master the technique, follow this tutorial

You can also make shoes for children

Once you have mastered the technique to make the basic shoe, you can begin to add details, decorations, accessories and many other things. You can also try to make different styles of shoes. Let your imagination fly!

The procedure is the same, you just have to add details. This type of shoes is ideal for the little ones, in addition to keeping their feet cool and safe, they are super easy to put on and take off. Try it!

Vans Sandals - DIY - Shoe to Sandal Tutorial (January 2021)