Crowd improvises Oasis song after saving a minute of silence in Manchester

While the saying suggests that after the storm the sun rises, the community in Manchester in England can barely absorb the tragedy that hit her recently. On Monday May 22, during a concert of Ariana Grande, the public was the victim of an attack, possibly terrorist, when a believer of the Islamic State exploded a bomb in the Manchester Arena.

The balance was 22 deaths and 59 injured; the 23-year-old American singer suspended her tour of Europe until June 5 and returned to the United States to spend time with her family and recover from shock emotional. However, Ariana already offered to pay the funeral expenses of the victims.

The European city is disconsolate and during a public tribute in the Plaza Santa Ana in Manchester, love and hope resurfaced when, after a minute of silence, the crowd chanted the emotional Oasis song Dont Look Back In Anger; the moment restored the faith in humanity.

A journalist shared in Twitter The event

Journalist Josh Halliday of the newspaper The Guardian, recorded the moment when at the end of a minute of silence, the crowd in unison, sang the original song of Oasis, Dont Look Back In Anger.

The lyrics of the song are powerful, full of love and solidarity and it was just what this woman thought, who, embracing a bouquet of sunflowers, began to sing the most emotional stanzas, written by Noel Gallagher.

Here the translation in Spanish of the fragment that sang the square:

So I start a revolution from my bed

Because you said that the intelligence that I have was in my head

It happens of the blooming summer,

Get up on the fireplace

Remove that look from your face,

You will never exhaust my heart

So Sally can wait,

he knows it's too late

for when we are walking

Your soul will vanish

but you do not look back with rancor

I heard you say.

The proof that music has an emotional impact

The emotional moment was shared by the Oasis vocalist and songwriter, Noel Gallagher, where he thanked the inhabitants of Manchester, the singer's original city and the legendary British rock band.


Manchester will remain united. A love for all.

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