Create perfect coffee scheme and divide people on Instagram


Coffee is for many a way of life and a daily necessity in the mornings. Its smell, texture and taste are some of the causes that make it impossible for you to not make your mouth water, and there will never be anything better than the combination of coffee and milk. But did you know that there are ranges in the amount of cream for your coffee?

Delish created a graphic about the harmony between these ingredients, and shared it on his Instagram account to find out how people drink their coffee, but it seems that not everyone agreed with the table.

The perfect balance

The scheme refers to how loaded or light the coffee is, something innocent on the part of Delish, but it seems that the subject was more delicate than they thought because now began a war between the public about the perfect coffee.

Everything goes out of control in networks

Now that you know the different ways to take it, what do you think is the perfect balance for a coffee?

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