Create oil paintings of Disney characters, the result is so cute that you will want to hang them in your room


There are a lot of artists who have shared their own versions of Disney characters, but always in the crowd there is a gem that manages to highlight, perhaps as the most beautiful of all, as the creations of Heather Theurer. She creates paintings inspired by our favorite childhood characters, but she does not do it in the usual way, with an editing and design program: she paints in oil.

Some have claimed that his style is Renaissance, but Heather herself said that it is actually similar to nineteenth-century painters. But his goal is not to recreate what other artists have already done, but rather to transcend from the ordinary and go further to give a new meaning to the creations of Disney.

Theurer's pieces go beyond the physical similarities of the characters. His paintings focus on capturing and transmitting their struggles and hopes, and obviously the attributes that can not be seen with the naked eye.

1. Alice in Wonderland

2. Peter Pan and Wendy

3. Rapunzel, from Tangled

4. Olaf, Elsa and Anna, from Frozen

5. Mulan

6. Merida, from Brave

7. Lilo & Stitch

8. Dumbo

9. Ariel, from The little Mermaid

10. Bella, from Beauty and the Beast

11. Tiana, from Princess and the Frog

12. Mr. Sapo, from The wind in the willows

13. Cinderella

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