Create blouses with false transparencies that increase your attributes without surgery


Summer is just around the corner and that means the time is right to wear dresses with suspenders, skirts and necklines wherever you go.

Although these garments help us to mitigate the heat, it must be recognized that the necklines are not well received in all places; besides, not any girl dares to use them so that this sensual opening fulfills its purpose, some believe that they need to have attributes pronounced If this is not your case, we tell you that they have created a blouse with the effect of big breasts that will drive anyone who looks at you crazy.

They were created by an Asian company and have an almost invisible pattern in the shape of breasts to make women look more voluptuous, without the need to use fillings or resort to cosmetic surgery.

In the case of men, they have a light print version that simulates a marked chest and abdomen.

You can find them online at an affordable price, and use them to conquer your crush or to tease your best friend.

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