Couple recycles cans to pay for their wedding; they already saved six thousand dollars


Leonie Starr and Matthew Porter took their love to the environment through a ecobode, When trying to finance your link by recycling plastic bottles, glass and aluminum cans.

Australian lovers do not intend to limit their expenses to generate savings, nor request the sponsorship of relatives or friends to pay for the cake, dress, lounge rent, etc. They get the money through an ecological machine in Queensland, which gives them 10 cents for each recycled waste. From November of 2018 until today they have obtained six thousand dollars.

To get enough bottles and cans, Leonie and Matthew spend three to four hours a day collecting garbage from avenues, parks, roads, restaurants and shopping centers.

As their story went viral, the TOMRA Recycling Center, in Queensland, donated a thousand dollars that they will use in the floral decoration. To make matters worse, Eddy, manager of the restaurant The Chopping Block Café, separates the waste left by their guests to give them to the couple and they exchange them for the pennies that will build their dream.

Its goal is to recycle 810,000 bottles, an amount that will allow them to obtain $ 81,000 to cover the expenses of their 35 guests to the Vanuatu Islands, where they will swear eternal love under the rays of the sun and the sweet sound of the waves of the sea.