Couple RECREES their WEDDING photos in an adorable way 40 years later Love exists!

Dexter and Carolyn Johnson (Dex and Carrie) met 40 years ago in a bar called Lower Level. Dex remembers that she was sitting with her cousins. I saw her and I approached her to ask her: do you want to dance? In the seventies, BOOGIE by boogie woogie was the way they were invited to dance. Carrie said yes, driven by her cousins. After conquering the track, they were married in 1975. Forty years later, the couple remembers that day and recreate, with their own outfits, the photos that were taken after the wedding.

It had been our anniversary the day before and we were going to Las Vegas to renew our votes, said Dexter. We were both joking and we came up with the idea of ​​trying to recreate the photos we took decades ago. I took out my motorcycle and started taking some pictures, while our neighbors asked themselves: What are those two, so fixed, doing?

For Dexter, getting ready was basically putting on the same jacket his wife made him in 1975. Carolyn sewed the garment herself, and finished it the day before they walked down the aisle of the church. She also made her wedding dress, which she used in the photos. The only thing that did not already exist was Dex's white tie, given to him by his godfather, nor the Carrie's league seen in the old photo, which was lost at some point during the 40 years.

We are still very much in love, says Dex. When asked what was the secret to a lasting marriage, he said that they had always lived one day at a time and that they always kissed each other good night and said: I love you, darling.

Is it lust or is it love? | Terri Orbuch | TEDxOaklandUniversity (January 2021)