Couple of influencers ask for money from their followers to travel


A couple of influencers It has caught the attention of social networks for a request made to his followers through his Instagram account Another beautiful day and on the platform Go found me.

Catalin Onc and Elena Engelhardt announced that they want to make a trip to Africa, but not having the necessary money to do so they ask for the charity of users to get 10 thousand euros. We need funds now for the preparation, as well as throughout our trip, said Catalin.

They stated that the reason they ask for money is because they can not get it for themselves and that starting to work to pay for a vacation would not be good for their image. influencers.

Before this, the criticisms have not been made wait, since the comments define Catalin and Elena as brazen and ridiculous, even more knowing that the mother of man has two jobs to be able to maintain the lifestyle of his son. My mother helps us with the money she gets from two jobs and does not have much for her. We do not ask for money but he loves to help, one of the publications reads.

Despite the criticism, the couple plans to start their trip on July 20 from Germany and, after nine days of their initiative, they have raised 237 euros.

An Instagram travel couple is being criticized for asking their followers to fundraise $11,000 so th (April 2021)