Couple of grandparents dies the same day but in different hospitals


Love is something so big that sometimes the human being can not understand it, it opens doors to new emotions that change life completely; When the person who accompanies you remains by your side there is no greater satisfaction.

This couple is the purest proof that sometimes the affection is unbreakable, in each farewell both waited for their love. However, they did not expect that one day would come the final farewell and could not, literally, live without each other.

Jeanne and Clair, a couple from Pennsylvania, United States, about to celebrate 45 years of marriage, died in two different hospitals, the same day with only a few minutes apart. The 70-year-old woman was hospitalized due to mobility and health problems long ago, and her husband Clair Vence visited her daily to keep her company.

Unfortunately, the 75-year-old man developed cold symptoms similar to those of influenza, which worsened rapidly. One day he had to enter the hospital, so the meetings with his wife ended.

During their stay in the hospital the couple was still in communication through telephone calls, but just after the last interaction Clair passed away. One of his two daughters was with him at that time and gave notice to his relatives to inform his mother, however, the woman's doctor, surprised to receive the family visit (as he still did not give notice of the event), He declared that Jeanne had died a few minutes ago.

Although they could not physically be together their last days, they now rest in the same cemetery.

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